Coming Out with Courage

Coming Out with Courage

Hear the amazing story of Bill Henson how he came to Christ

after leading a homosexual lifestyle.  From joining a Bible Study and his trip to Siberia

God transformed Bill's understanding of God's love through Jesus Christ.

Today Bill is married and has children,he has founded FOTOS ministry along with his wife.


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Recorded live before a packed university audience, the Bill Henson set off a storm of controversy at this university, causing protests and counter demonstrations from the various pro-gay factions.  Bill presented his life and the power of the Gospel, how Jesus Christ delivered him from the homosexual lifestyle.  Today, Bill is married with children and has started a new ministry, FOTOS to help those in the homosexual community receive the healing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bill Henson at the age of 11 felt homosexual urges, which he tried to resist, the older he grew the stronger the feelings. He led a tortured life in high school and college as he struggled with his sexuality, at times wishing he would die as his car crossed the yellow line in the road.

Then at the age of 23 he declared himself gay after years of self denial, he cried for hours as he confessed his sexuality to his parents. 

At the age of 25, Bill finally thought he found true love. Bill however felt empty, even though he had material success and a great relationship, there was something missing in his life.

Bill began his search for truth as he began to attend church with his lover.  Liberal pastors told him his homosexuality was normal and acceptable before God, while others told him he was condemned to Hell.  Bill began to read the Bible, as he read we was disturbed that homosexuality was considered sin. The more Bill read and studied the Bible, he was convinced it was the Word of God, believing the words in the Bible, he was convicted of his lifestyle.

In 1995, on a missions trip to Siberia, Bill saw what people had to endure for their faith. Quoting Bill,

"In 1995, I signed up to go on a mission trip to remote Siberia and it changed my life forever. I met people who were SO innocent compared to my Hollywood life. I met people who had paid a price for their faith under Communist rule. I saw a widow who wept as she touched the gate surrounding a condemned cathedral – she did not weep because it was closed – it had been closed for 75 years…she wept for joy that she finally had the freedom to touch the gate as an expression of her faith. I saw orphans grotesquely muscular and yet malnourished from working potato fields. God ended up doing a mission trip on me!"

On his return to the US, Bill surrendered his life and gay lifestyle at the cross. He saw life was not about having our needs and desires met, but that Jesus Christ gives us the strength, love and peace when all our desires are not met. 

The Gospel transformed Bill life, in a Bible Study, he met his future wife and ministry partner. Today, Bill his wife and children tour the country helping churches reach the homosexual community with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you, a family member or friend are struggling with the issue of homosexuality, then this DVD is for you.  Bill demonstrates the power of the Gospel in mighty way, as his life is transformed.

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